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Creech Carpet Care is a locally-owned and owner-operated full service carpet and upholstery cleaning business that has provided Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Garner and surrounding Triangle, NC areas with professional cleaning services since 1982. Creech Carpet Care is proud to have a reputation for providing friendly, professional service at a reasonable price. In fact, a large majority of our customers like our work so much that they return to us for all their carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning needs as well as recommend us to their friends. Whether you need to clean a single area or the whole house or business, Creech Carpet Care will provide you with quality, professional results.

Creech Carpet Care uses a self-contained, truck-mounted, deep soil extraction system with the best cleaners available so that we can offer our customers a high quality, affordable process for cleaning carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. This professional system allows us to provide fast and reliable service with little negative impact to life or business. Our experience and quality equipment and cleaners all combine to offer the best results available for home or business cleaning needs. 

Why Professional Cleaning with Creech Carpet Care?

Do-it-yourself Cleaning is Inefficient

Many people choose to purchase or rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning system for their carpet cleaning needs. Do-it-yourself systems can leave excessive water and cleaner residues in your carpet.  These can cause re-soiling by residues left from the cleaners, discoloration, smells, and even mold and mildew to form in your carpet and upholstery from prolonged drying times.  At Creech Carpet Care, our truck-mounted system has enough vacuum power to remove excess water to provide faster drying times, and our cleaners and spotters are very low residue products that prevent re-soiling. Creech Carpet Care's system leaves your carpet and upholstery clean and fresh. 

Deep Cleaning is Important
Most people keep a clean home; however, most of the cleaning done by the homeowner is concentrated on vacuuming, dusting, and washing non-carpeted surfaces. Don’t make the mistake of only cleaning these surfaces and ignoring your carpet and upholstery. Remember that carpet and upholstery needs to be regularly deep-cleaned to remove dirt, dust, bacteria, body oils, and many other contaminates that may cause unpleasant odors or possibly even health problems in your home.

Maintaining the Value of Your Purchases Makes Sense
Carpet cleaning is a very important part of maintaining your home or business. Buying new carpet and furniture is very expensive! Frequent cleaning and care of your carpet and upholstery can prolong their life and help keep them looking their best. Over time your carpet and upholstery not only shows unsightly spots and can develop unpleasant odors, but can collect sand and grit deep within the fibers. This grit causes wear to your carpet and upholstery by abrading the fibers every time you walk on the carpet or sit on the furniture. In order to properly remove this harmful grit we recommend using a deep soil extraction system that emulsifies the dirt and then extracts the grit using powerful suction. Leading manufacturers of carpet and rugs recommend steam cleaning of these surfaces on a regular basis as a way of maintaining the beauty of your carpets and rugs and some even require a deep soil extraction method, offered by Creech Carpet Care, to maintain the wear-dated warranties of their products.

We're Better than the Chains
Creech Carpet Care doesn't take the same approach in pricing or in service as the major carpet cleaning chains. We are trained and experienced professionals who don't cut corners. Your individual needs are assessed at each cleaning to provide you with specific, quality workmanship at a fair price. Our goal is to make your cleaning needs our priority and our mission is to make sure you're satisfied.  


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